Pro Leads Pay Per Click

Pro Leads Pay Per Click

ProLeads Lead Generation Program

Explanation of Service


ProLeads is an internet search engine advertising service designed to capture buyer leads in your Real Pro Gold system where they can be incubated into active prospects. Real Pro Systems places advertisements on Google, MSN, Yahoo and other appropriate search engines. Search engine users search on real estate terms and areas and as they do, these advertisements appear along with their search results.

When users click on the advertisement, they are taken to a ProLeads stealth site to enter their real estate search request, email address, and other details. Note: In some markets, multiple agents may share a ProLeads stealth site and Real Pro Systems distributes the leads proportionately to each participating agent.



Monthly Budget for Your Advertising

We realize you need to have a known advertising cost from month to month, so the ProLeads program establishes a monthly budget for your advertising- $150, $250, or $350. We will do our best to place ads so you have a consistent flow of leads throughout the month. However, since the cost per click can vary unexpectedly, there are times where your budget will be used up before the end of the month, and your leads will stop flowing until the beginning of the next month. We do our best to prevent this,

Initial Setup Fee

Real Pro Systems charges a one-time setup fee to establish your ProLeads account. Currently that setup fee is $350.00. In addition, there are monthly budget levels at 150.00, 250.00, 350.00 or 500.00, and then after 500.00 you can tell us exactly what you would like to spend. There is no contract with Pro Leads.


If you have the time and technical know-how, you can absolutely do your own paid placement advertising directly with Google, MSN and others by yourself. When Real Pro Systems performs this service for you, we have a team dedicated to finding the most cost-effective advertisement placements for you and your market area. As you would expect, there is a charge for this expertise. Real Pro Systems applies 70% of your ProLeads budget to direct advertising charges, and 30% covers our cost of providing the placement service. When you use the ProLeads service, our team analyzes historical lead generation data across the various search engines, cost per click for each, and optimizes your advertising placements. We do this continually throughout the month for each of our clients. The result is that most agents get more results for their money using ProLeads then they would on their own. It’s similar to the fact that relying on a real estate professional to sell your home usually results in a higher selling price after commissions. Please see below for an example of where your add can be found.

Should You Have Real Pro Systems Do It, or Should You Do It Yourself?