IDX Integration

IDX Integration with IDX Broker

IDX Broker does several features I felt we should highlight. If you need the ability to search listings on your website, we can frame in your MLS search tool at no charge. For many agents though this isn't enough. IDX Broker is a fully integrated IDX solution. This means several things to you. First, listings outside your own now appear to be on your actual website. This means that for people searching the MLS, they have the ability to find listings by searching the organic search results and get brought to your individual agent website. This can be key as you want to make as many branding impressions as possible in attracting new clients. Also, IDX Broker will update your listings on your website automatically. This can be extremely convenient for agents that carry a lot of listings and do not want to spend the time updating them on a regular basis.

IDX also gives you the ability to capture leads, as you can set up delayed registration. The video on the right describes how to set up delayed registration through IDX Broker. The person who made the video suggests you will get the best results by allowing three views before asking for client registration. The video on the top left explains how to use the zoom search tools to modify your search results. We can set up your IDX so that it will default to the basic search, the advanced search, or the map search option. For people who register on your Real Pro Systems website either through the internal Email Home search landing page or through the buyers stealth site in Real Pro Gold, the listings that match their search criteria will go out automatically. This automates a step and releases the agent from having to set up a search in the MLS for the buyer. This frees up time for the agent to focus on buying and selling homes.

For those tech savvy agents, IDX Broker offers a control panel that will allow the agent to log in and look at individual search activity. This gives the agent a great deal of information regarding the type of home the client is looking for including location, style and price range.

IDX Broker has a great reputation for serving most MLS's in the country and we have our own in house liason between our two companies to ensure proper handling of your IDX integration. You can check out IDX Broker's website at If you click on MLS you can search by state to see if your MLS is covered. IDX Broker also will usually show you if there any pass through fees from the MLS you need to be aware of. Please keep in mind the only way to be sure there are no suprises is to contact the MLS directly and ask if they charge for the RETS or FTP data feed. IDX integration is usually ready by the time your website has been built and is ready for use. This is usually about two weeks from the time you submit your pictures, logo and address information to Real Pro Systems. I strongly recommend IDX Broker as a service to my clients. If you have additional questions regarding our service feel free to contact me.