If you are a real estate professional this may have happened to you. You're moving and shaking, going out on appointments with existing and potential clients, you have multiple deals working and you can do no wrong. You are good at closing and finding the perfect house for your clients. You barely have time to eat and take a day off. Deals start closing and then all of a sudden, nothing. Your deals have closed and you have nothing to do. No new clients and the phone is no longer ringing.

What happened?

I'll try to put this gently. You forgot to manage your business. You got so busy closing deals that you didn't plan ahead. You were so focused on what was in front of you the bigger picture got away. This can happen in any sales environment but business pipeline management is nothing new to other sales arenas, so they are much more likely to manage this effect.

In sales, when you fail to manage your business pipeline effectively you can create what is known as an air bubble. This happens when you are focused more often than not to closing business rather than planning ahead and prospecting new business at the same time. Smart and savvy agents know that while you are closing business you need to be constantly focused to creating new opportunities and developing them at each stage of the sales cycle. In real estate a sales cycle can be as short as a couple weeks and as long as 12-18 months. Plan accordingly. As a successfull real estate agent you need to be vigilantly watching each stage of the sales cycle to make sure you are cultivating your leads, prospects, pending deals and staying in front of your closed business as well. The sale is not over when the people have bought or sold a home as they can send you referrals!

Real Pro Systems has been revolutionary in that they have finally separated each stage of the sales cycle so that you can manage your sales pipeline effectively. A sales pipeline has an open end that is broad and represents your leads. As the sales cycle moves on the funnel narrows as people become more or less qualified to buy or sell a home. At the end of the sales funnel you have the people who have finally qualified and completed the transaction.

Real Pro Platinum separates leads, prospects, pending sales and closed deals to give you visibility of each stage of the sales process. This allows you to focus on each deal and assign action plans to make sure every step is followed with laser like precision. By making everything visible in the business dashboard you can constantly evaluate each stage of the sales process to keep sales constant. If web traffic is down, how are you going to draw more people to your website? If leads are down how are you going to get more of them? If not many leads are getting promoted to prospects (time frame, budget and decision maker) how are you going to improve conversion? And if your deals aren't closing what can you do differently?

Having visibility doesn't gaurantee success but it does give you the ability to spot problems quickly. Formulating solutions will take experience and partnerships with forward thinking companies who can provide solutions at each stage of the sales cycle. Getting leads online to help you grow your sales funnel is invaluable in making sure you always have plenty going into the pipeline. From there team leaders and business managers can help their agents convert more leads into closed business. If you are interested in learning how Real Pro Platinum can help you close more business feel free to contact Real Pro Systems.