Adding video to your website is extremely important to your success, both from an SEO standpoint as well making your website stand out from the crowd. Whether you are doing virtual tours or talking about your real estate business, video can is valuable in grabbing audience attention. In this video Rob Jansen of John C. Jones real estate ( explains how you can add video to your website and social networking. He suggests a flip video camera which can be purchased for about $200.00 from your local Best Buy. Having used the flip camera myself, I can vouch for his advice. The camera is easy to use and small in size.

Google loves YouTube as they are an owner of the company. Adding video to your Real Pro Systems website will enhance your online presence, give people valuable resources, and keep fresh the content you are posting. Text is effective but can be stale or boring if not used in moderation. Pictures and video especially draw people back to your website to see what is new and different. With that, take it away Rob Jansen.